Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.


Video Editor, Copywriter, Director, Creative Director, Story Teller.

A professional editor is an amateur who didn't quit.

Eyal Ron. Video Editor, Copywriter, Director, Creative Director and a Story Teller.
A creative director for The History Channel, Biography Channel, MGM Movies
and E! Entertainment Television, since their launch in Israel, until August 2008.
A professional Avid Media Composer editor since 1995, Adobe After Effects compositor since 2008, & Cinema 4D artist since 2010.
Behind me are thousands of TV Spots, Commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries, Drama and much more.


With decades of editing different genres
and my acquired experience,
there's no doubt about my ability to deliver the most contemporary and unique Ideas you have in mind.



The proven success of my work can be seen all over the world.
Including the work I did for an Emmy award winning Documentary (Kapo)
and countless of trailers for successful formats acquired by networks worldwide.

proven ability


The process of brainstorming, script writing, editing, finishing the final video and delivering it on schedule,
is my prime concern.
I follow the project from beginning to end and make adjustments and special requests even months after it’s done.

obligation for the cutomer


text only please
P.O.Box 314, Hod Hasharon 45102, ISRAEL

What people say?

Eyal Ron began his employment at Tel-Ad as an editor, but due to his outstanding creative abilities he was quickly promoted to the position of Creative Director for our entire Channels Division (a job which entailed the full creative responsibility for over 500 promos annually, including on-air, off-air, internet and cellular). Eyal is an original thinker with an out-of-the-box and candid approach who possesses an exceptional aptitude to truly embrace the ever-evolving technologies with innovation, imagination as well as a keen business sense. Eyal also proved himself to be a loyal and trustworthy individual who exhibited the highest of work ethics. Our company greatly benefited from a smooth running and rapidly expanding operation along with a first-rate promotions reputation due to Eyals skills. He was a key and valuable member of our team and I wholeheartedly recommend him as an important asset to any organization.

Rhonda Attar. Former CEO, Telad foriegn channels

What people say?

For the past three years I’ve created several successful Television Formats.
All of them were edited brilliantly by Eyal Ron.
Beyond his outstanding skills and editing experience, Eyal is “in love” with his work And will go far and beyond, to make an excellent cut and deliver a fine and amazing edit. I have made a decision to work with him on every future projects, both for his creativity And his skills as an editor. I’m proud to call him a dear friend and a colleague

Oded Menshe. Producer, creator and CEO of "Oded Menashe Productions Ltd."

What people say?

Eyals extra ordinary abillity to seperate between good and bad, to extract all options to their limits and to cut rapidly and efficiantly, along with his great sence of humor, is what makes him a brilliant and proffesional editor. Recently he gathered more than 17 hours of material and edited a heart warming 'behind The Scenes' to the feature film 'urban Feel'. This piece was added to the film's DVD, disributed in Israel and around the world

Johnatan Sagall. Movie Director, Writer, Actor.

What people say?

I have worked with Eyal on 'Behind The Scenes' for the TV drama 'Alatalena'.
Eyal is a wonderfull editor, responsible, talented, inteligent and a great contributor.
I would love to work with him again, on future projects.

Ricky Shelach. Movie Producer.


Frequently asked questions
What systems are you working on?
I edit my projects on "AVID Media Composer v8.3"
Special effects are done with "ADOBE After Effects CC", "ADOBE Photoshop CS6"
and "MAXON Cinema 4d" .

Do I need to digitize the materials beforehand?
It's up to you.
I charge the same amount per shift, if the materials are digitized or not.
usually, assistant editors and digitizers charge less per shift, meaning it will be much cheaper to digitize the materials yourself.

BE ADVISED: I’m not equipped to handle materials shot on tape. (I can digitize files only)
How can I deliver the project to you?
The best way is to send a hard disk. Actually, sometimes I can come and pick it up myself!
It should contain the project, media and any other related materials.
If the project is short and light (up to 10GB) you can use an ftp server, drop box, we transfer etc.)
Are you available for re-location or taking projects in other countries?
YES I am.
I’ve been working for 2 years in Thailand as a freelance editor for an Australian company.
and can easily work in any English speaking environment, as my English is almost as good as a mother tongue.
Do you do Pro-Bono volunteer work?
Yes I do!
(check out the IATF video)
of course, it depends on my schedule and my interest in your project.
I DO NOT do weddings, bar mitzvahs and other family related stuff... sorry.
O.K. I got it... so how much do you charge?
Well... it’s hard to say, because there’s no “fixed price”.
It depends on the type of work (Script/Editing/Special Effects) and almost always negotiable... : )
Therefore it’s better to enquire over the phone.
We will see if your budget and expectations meet the type of work and the timeframe it requires.

Please note:
If you are referenced by a known client, payment is 30 days after the project is delivered.
If you are a new (unknown) client, you'll have to pay half the amount agreed upon BEFORE I start the project.

Anything else I should know? (Spoiler)
The butler did it.